The Island of Cres

A particularly interesting feature of the island is the freshwater lake Vrana. The surface of this lake is above and its bottom is below sea level, at a depth of 74m. Cres is characterized by a sharp contrast between the northern sub Mediterranean and middle and southern Mediterranean parts rich in pasturelands and dense evergreen underbrush.

There is a great variety of plant and animal species, with an extremely large number of endemic species being a real challenge for all nature lovers. On Cres you can also find one of the last habitats of a very rare and protected bird species – the griffon vulture.

There are also many footpaths and walking trails on the island, and you can also enjoy the local beauties while riding a bicycle.
The Island of Cres has a very rich cultural and historical heritage: buildings from the age of the Liburnians, remains of the cities of antiquity, early Catholic churches, monasteries…
The historic centre of Martinščica is made up of St. Martin Church with a 16th century Franciscan monastery and the 17th century family Sforza castle.